Permitting and Compliance Auditing

Accord Engineering routinely assists clients with preparation and implementation of permitting strategies for new projects and expansions. We also provide continuing support after permit approval, including design and execution of compliance programs, such as monitoring and record keeping, that are required to demonstrate compliance with permit conditions. In addition, Accord Engineering provides:

  • Comparative permitting studies
  • Regulatory applicability reviews
  • Assessment of control technology requirements
  • Preparation of project development plans, engineering descriptions, and permit applications
  • Regulatory/policy analysis
  • Expert witness testimony
Some of our past performance in permitting and compliance auditing includes:
Subsurface Investigation at a Proposed School Site, Oakland, CA
Stormwater Compliance and Quality Improvment, Riverside, CA
Preliminary Endangerment Assessment (PEA), Hercules, CA
Bus Depot Improvement, City of Laguna Beach, CA

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