Site Development

Accord Engineering offers total site-development engineering services, ranging from Brownfields redevelopment to raw land use. We serve our clients and meet performance standards by combining environmental risk-management expertise with financial risk-assumption management.

Our expertise in environmental remediation means that we are uniquely equipped to handle the redevelopment of industrial sites where previous use has created environmental liabilities.Accord Engineering also has the ability to manage all of the non-building construction aspects of a project. Our expertise in performing all site-related functions, from moving earth to paving, minimizes client risk of scheduling conflicts that can occur with multiple contractors. Through established partnerships, we can help complete the project in the shortest time possible.


Some of our past performance in site development includes:
Time-Critical Removal Action, Jordan High School, Los Angeles, CA
Apron 7 Concrete Pad Repair, NAS Fallon, NV
Preliminary Endangerment Assessment and Removal Action at a Proposed Community Park, Burbank, CA
Preliminary Endangerment Assessment (PEA), Hercules, CA
Stormwater Compliance and Quality Improvment, Riverside, CA
Subsurface Investigation at a Proposed School Site, Oakland, CA
Permitting, Compliance, Groundwater Investigation, and Engineering Evaluation of Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities, Sonora, CA
Pier S Remediation Design and Soil Remediation, Port of Long Beach, CA
Environmental Restoration, Former MCAS Tustin, CA
Remedial Action at IRP Sites 8, 11, and 12, Former MCAS El Toro, CA
Soil and Groundwater Remediation at Pier A West, Port of Long Beach, CA
Site Investigation / Site Assessment, Naval Auxiliary Landing Field, San Clemente Island, CA
Remedial Investigation, Expanded Site Inspection, and Post-Removal Verification Sampling, NAB Coronado, CA
Camp 9 Bridge Removal, New Melones Lake, CA
Demolition of Old Clubhouse, NWS Seal Beach, CA

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