Civil Engineering

Accord Engineering applies the principles of geotechnical, environmental, and construction engineering to residential, commercial, industrial, and public works projects of all sizes and complexities. Our commitment to design excellence, which encompasses both functionality and aesthetics, dictates that every project is considered within its unique context.  Accord Engineering’s civil engineers specialize in:

  • Excavation and grading plans;
  • Stormwater pollution prevention plans;
  • Erosion control;
  • Plans and specifications
Some of our past performance in civil engineering includes:
Stormwater Compliance and Quality Improvement, Riverside, CA
Permitting, Compliance, Groundwater Investigation, and Engineering Evaluation of Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities, Sonora, CA
Remedial Design and Pilot Testing, Costa Mesa, CA
Wastewater Treatment Plant Design, Troubleshooting, and Compliance, Twentynine Palms, CA
Environmental Restoration, Former MCAS Tustin, CA
Remedial Action at IRP Sites 8, 11, and 12, Former MCAS El Toro, CA
Soil and Groundwater Remediation at Pier A West, Port of Long Beach, CA
Site Investigation/Site Assessment, Naval Auxiliary Landing Field, San Clemente Island, CA
Remedial Investigation, Expanded Site Inspection, and Post-Removal Verification Sampling, NAB Coronado, CA
Pier S Remediation Design and Soil Remediation, Port of Long Beach, CA

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