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Accord Engineering, Inc. has recently received 2 safety awards for 2 different construction projects by the Navy Facilities Engineering Command- SW (NAVFAC SW) and the engineering group at the Naval Air Facility El Centro.



Accord Engineering was contracted to demolish buildings at the Seal Beach, California, Naval Weapons Station. The footprint reduction on this project was around 125,000-square feet on 24 personnel, weapons production, weapons storage and maintenance buildings of different era’s and architecture. The challenges included numerous utility relocations and de-energizations, explosive residue, hazardous waste and materials abatement, bio-hazards, and complex de-construction of concrete and steel engineered facilities. The project was spread over approximately 4000 acres adjacent to active personnel offices and pristine restored National Wildlife Refuge.. At the completion of the project there were approximately 8000 man-hours involved and an outstanding evaluation was given to Accord Engineering for performance and safety.

The $1.2M project at El Centro was for the re-construction and re-engineering of major components at the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). Accord Engineering implemented a simple but effective solution that totally solved the client’s chronic problem of wastewater discharge violations. The solution was to design and construct two wastewater holding tanks to equalize the flow from the pump station. In addition, the chemical feed system and the chlorine contact chamber were re-engineered to improve the chemical reaction with the effluent. After implemented the engineering improvements, the WWTP effluent consistently met the discharge requirements. In addition to restoring regulatory compliance, the upgrades improved performance and extended the life cycle of the plant. The Construction Division of Accord Engineering was recognized on each project for having a proactive safety program and:

• Zero DART incidents throughout the life of the contract
• No significant ($10,000) contractor or government property damage for entire length of contract.
• No safety non-compliance notices or stop work orders.
• No findings identified during Occupational Safety and Health Administration compliance inspections.
• No Class' A, B, or C crane mishaps
• Minimum Overall Satisfactory performance evaluation - including quality.
• Cumulative Average score of 90% or better on the contractor safety self-evaluation  checklist  process

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