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Time-Critical Removal Action, Jordan High School, Los Angeles, CA

This highly sensitive, time-critical project was awarded to Accord Engineering by the Department of Toxic Substances Control. Soil contaminated with elevated levels of arsenic and lead had to be removed from an athletic field at Jordan High School during a two-week school break. Accord Engineering completed the fieldwork within four weeks after the contract was awarded. Before the field work could start, our professionals only required 10 work days to prepare a work plan and procured all necessary subcontractors, equipment and materials for the field work.

The scope of field work involved: (1) Excavation, (2) Waste transportation and disposal, (3) Laboratory analysis, (4) Air monitoring and dust sampling, (5) Landscaping and site restoration

Approximately 1,000 cubic yards of soil was removed from the site within the first week of fieldwork. Strict quality control and preventive measures ensured that there was no migration of dust emissions from the work site. A Niton x-ray fluorescence analyzer (XRF) was used to detect the levels of lead and arsenic in the soil. Confirmation samples were sent to a dedicated off site laboratory for analysis. The site was backfilled and a sprinkler system was installed; this was followed by reseeding, landscaping, and construction of a new baseball field. The project was completed on time and within budget with no accidents.


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