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Road Improvement, University of California, Irvine, CA

Accord Engineering won a competitive bid to perform roadway pavement restoration projects for the University of California, Irvine. As a result of rapid campus build-out in recent years, the excessive construction traffic damaged two major intra-campus roads. In addition to pavement damage, an existing parking lot needed new driveways and traffic signs to accommodate the change of traffic pattern. The objective of the project was to restore the road through resurfacing, slurry seal, and/or complete replacement of damaged pavement. In addition to pavement restoration, Accord Engineering helped the owner in adding a new exit/entrance driveway to an existing parking lot, speed bumps, traffic signs, a meandering sidewalk, and a landscaped median to cope with the new traffic pattern. This project improved the in-campus driving conditions while other build-out construction activities were completed. The following work scopes was performed:

  • Slurry-seal over 3,500 feet (135,000 square feet) of roadway.
  • Resurface over 1,000 feet (35,000 square feet) of roadway through full-depth asphalt replacement and road-base restoration.
  • Add two landscaped medians and associated new curbs and gutters.
  • Construct new entrance and exit driveways for existing parking lot
  • Construct over 600 feet of new meandering sidewalk
  • Restore and add new speed bumps and traffic signs

 Challenges and Solutions

The project was located on a very busy university campus. The construction was conducted during active school months. Effective traffic control and public safety protection became preeminent issues throughout construction. Additionally, UCI school officials kept a very close watch on the construction site maintenance to ensure that the construction activities did not impact the appearance of the school environment. The work sequence also required careful planning to divert and maintain the vehicular as well as pedestrian traffic flow.

Accord Engineering worked closely with the UCI project manager in interfacing with school personnel and maintained the work area to not impact school activities.

The project was completed on time and within budget without incidents. The work scope was later increased by UCI to extend the road restoration and parking lot improvement.

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