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Stormwater Infrastructure Improvement, City of Fullerton, CA

Accord Engineering was contracted by the City of Fullerton to provide stormwater infrastructure improvement at three locations involving the following services: (1) Installation of over 1,800 feet of RCP storm drain pipes with diameters ranging between 18 and 36 inches, (2) Installation and reconstruction of various junction chambers, manholes, catch basins, and lateral pipe joints associated with the above storm drain pipes, (3) Reconstruction of gas line, water main, and sanitary sewer structures in conflict with storm drain pipe construction.

Challenges and Solutions

All three project sites were located in residential areas that do not allow overnight stockpiling of materials or equipment. Accord Engineering maintained clean project sites throughout the construction and received no complaints from the residents. The job site locations also required implementation of strict work hour limitations. Accord Engineering completed the project on time and below the budget without incidents.

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