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Stormwater Infrastructure Improvement, City of Santa Ana, CA

Accord Engineering was contracted by the City of Santa Ana to provide stormwater infrastructure improvement at four locations involving the following services: (1) Installation of over 350 feet of 18- to 24-inch-diameter HDPE storm drain pipes, (2) Installation of over 250 feet of elliptical and round 18-inch-diameter RCP storm drain pipes, (3) Installation and reconstruction of various junction chambers, catch basins, and lateral pipe joints associated with the above storm drain pipes, (4) Reconstruction of driveway approach, curb and gutter, cross drain gutter, and ditch associated with the storm drain pipe network, (5) Reconstruction of gas line, water main, and sanitary sewer structures in conflict with storm drain pipe construction, (6) Restoration of over 20,000 square feet of road pavement through new surface overlays.

Challenges and Solutions

The key project site of the four improvement locations was in the center of a historic Santa Ana downtown area that was known for its weekly farmer's market activities and other tourist-associated shopping bazaars and pedestrian streets. The majority of the storm drain pipes were installed in the center of two streets surrounding the shopping bazaars to improve the drainage in the area. Accord Engineering had to work closely with the City on notifying the shop owners about the construction activities and traffic detours. The project activities were also restricted by certain festivities that took priority over construction. Due to the site condition, the project had to accommodate unobstructed traffic flow at all hours.

In addition to the sensitive job location, the drainage construction was partially conducted within the winter rainy season. To facilitate the functioning of the drainage channel, the project was implemented with careful planning on stormwater diversion, construction sequencing, and other Best Management Practices to minimize impact to the drainage quality.

The project was completed on time and below budget without incidents. As a result, the City awarded an add-on work scope using the budget surplus to repair two 10- by 15-foot catch basins.

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