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Recycling Operations, Joint Base Andrews, MD

Accord provides all personnel and oversight to ensure the proper operation and administration of the recycling center, interior and exterior collections, and disposal of recyclable materials. Accord’s on-site Quality Control Lead Person supervises field operations and acts as a liaison between the contractor and JBA. Accord provides a monthly recycling report to the Quality Assurance Person and the Qualified Recycling Program (QRP) Manager that show the total weight of each type of recyclable material collected and the gross proceeds received  for  recyclable sales  per  type  of  material.

Accord also advises and assists the base QRP manager in marketing and arranging for the sale of recyclable materials in accordance with the base QRP Business Plan, including transportation of recyclable  commodities  to  the  purchasers.

Recyclable items managed by Accord include: aluminum, scrap metal, copper, white and mixed paper, cardboard, glass (amber, clear, and green), newspaper, plastic beverage containers, lead acid batteries, tires, ink toner cartridges, used oil/POL products,  white goods,   aerosol  cans,  and  drained  and  crushed  oil  filters.

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