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Demolition of Old Clubhouse, NWS Seal Beach, CA

Demolition of the Old Clubhouse Compound at Seal Beach Naval Golf Course was accomplished without a single complaint or issue during daily golf tournaments, banquets and even a wedding. The demolition activities included abatement and stabilization of heavy concentrations of lead base paints and asbestos containing building materials. The entire compound facility including pro-shop, golf cart garages, locker rooms, banquet room, coffee shop, lounge and restaurant structures and foundations resulted in 93% recycled. Only 7 % of waste was land-filled through careful segregation of all hazardous materials and building materials. The removal and recycling of 50 year old pines, palms, eucalyptus and ornamental trees was expedited carefully surrounded by cars, golfers and pedestrians. The golf course facility was the former class room for Tiger Woods prior to his winning the US Amateur!

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