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Bus Depot Improvement, City of Laguna Beach, CA

Accord Engineering, Inc. was contracted by the City of Laguna Beach to provide improvement construction at a bus depot to provide better parking and waiting facilities involving the following services: • Demolish existing pavement, sidewalk, driveway, and street curbs for the construction of anew parking bay and driveway approach. • Construct new PCC parking bay and driveway approach for the bus depot • Construct new sidewalk and pedestrian crossing to accommodate the new parking bay • Install new irrigation system and restore landscape and decorative hardscape in the waiting area.

The project was partially funded by Measure M and involved right-of-way encroachment permitting and collaboration with Caltrans for meeting their construction standards. Accord worked closely with the City in obtaining the Caltrans encroachment permit, as well as utility companies resolving design issues with conflicting gas lines and a storm drain. The project site is an active bus depot operated by Orange Country Transportation Athunt. Accord worked closely with the City on traffic control and detours throughout the construction. All functionality of the bus depot was maintained without interruption. The City of Laguna Beach is known as an “artist’s city” that and has a lot of decorative landscape and hardscape (such as artistic benches in the waiting area). Accord carefully planned the construction sequencing to minimize impact to overall appearance of site during the construction. The artistic hardscape was restored to City plan details. The project was completed on time and below the budget without incidents.

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