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Apron 7 Concrete Pad Repair, NAS Fallon, NV

This highly sensitive, time-critical project was awarded to Accord Engineering is in the process of completed a $6.3M concrete repair contract for the Department of the Navy. Tasks included concrete demolition, concrete pavement, asphalt pavement, joint sealing, pavement markings, adjustment of apron lighting, and incidental related work. The work was highly coordinated because the construction was located on and around the taxiways and parking aprons which support the Navy's "Top Gun" fighter weapons school.

Accord Engineering assembled a highly-trained construction team and used a state-of-the-art system to manage the contract. A "Virtual Office" was two words on the client's FTP (File Transfer Protocol) website for this project. All key personnel could log into the secured website to view contract submittals, engineering documents, and correspondence. All invoices and certified payroll submittals were done in paperless electronic format. All field daily reports and submittal logs were posted at the website and updated daily.

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