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Wastewater Treatment Plant Design, Troubleshooting and Compliance, Twentynine Palms, CA

At a training facility, the client needed to build a wastewater treatment facility to handle the wastewater generated by the trainees. The training occurred periodically and lasted from weeks to months. The treatment plant needs to design handling extreme conditions because there could be no water for several months and at peak flows during the training months. Certain requirements had to be met such as easy installation and minimum maintenance. Accord Engineering designed a secondary wastewater treatment system that utilized an anaerobic process to treat the wastewater. Modular systems were used for easy installation and expansion.

Our work included: (1) Engineering evaluation and selection of treatment methods, (2) Engineering design of treatment processes, (3) Preparing a bid package and solicitation to design/build the new WWTF, and (4) Evaluating design documents of the new WWTF

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