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Preliminary Endangerment Assessment and Removal Action at a Proposed Community Park, Burbank, CA

Funded by a V.S.EPA Brownfield Assessment grant, Accord Engineering Inc. was retained by the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) to perform a Preliminary Endangerment Assessment (PEA) at a 3.5 acre property. The property was planned to be developed into a community day school and park by the City of Burbank. A PEA Work Plan, including a Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) and a Health and Safety Plan (HASP), was developed by Accord Engineering's professionals and reviewed by the V.S.EPA and DTSC.

Soil gas and soil samples were collected from various depths and locations using a truck-mounted direct-push rig. PEA sampling results identified an area with elevated arsenic concentrations. A screening risk assessment was conducted, and a site-specific cleanup level of arsenic was derived using a statistical method. The PEA activities were documented in a PEA report and subsequently approved by DTSC. Our project manager assisted the City and the School District in their community outreach program by attending the School District's public meeting and providing information about our investigation and remediation activities. Due to our excellent performance, Accord Engineering was retained by the City of Burbank to further investigate and remediate the identified arsenic contamination. Additional testing in a Supplemental Site Investigation associated the contamination with debris-laden fill material buried at the site during demolition of an existing building.

Excavation and off-site disposal was recommended after engineering and cost evaluation documented in a Removal Action Work Plan (RAW). The RAW was approved by DTSC after a 30-day public hearing and comment period. In order to minimize the potential exposure to the public, Accord Engineering•s staff conducted the remediation work on weekends. Approximately 450 tons of debris -laden material was excavated from the site and disposed of off-site after confirmatory sampling. Accord Engineering successfully completed the project under budget and on schedule so that the City was able to initiate the redevelopment efforts according to their schedule.

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