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Hazardous Materials Operations, SPAWAR San Diego, CA

Accord provided project management and technical support for the implementation and maintenance of RHICS, including the inventorying of existing HM throughout all work sites at the Point Loma Campus; acquiring the appropriate Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) for each unique HM; entering all required background data into RHICS for each HM item; receiving all HM items into RHICS; issuing all HM items which were to be stored at work sites; physically receiving and storing all non-issued HM items into the SSC San Diego HAZMINCENs; performing necessary RHICS transactions to ensure HM item quantities, location, and ownership are accurate and up to date; providing pick-up and delivery to/from worksites of HM items; and inspecting worksites to ensure all HM possess RHICS barcodes.

Additional tasks included general management of all HAZMINCENs, general management of all HM in the HAZMINCENs, maintenance of HM stock levels, maintenance of MSDSs, delivery and pickup of HMs, decanting HMs, conducting annual user work-site inspections, and customer service to all SSC San Diego  employees,  contractors,  and  military  personnel.

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